Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Shoes matter, Details matter

short onesie, Black tights, yellow-orange cardigan
red lip stick, red nail polish
colour match, but not too much

beige Aldo 2011 winter colllection booties

brown faux leather jacket, ardene light brown purse, silver necklace 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentine wonder

I'm wearing a mini-cardigan on top of a sequin top from latitude, black denim jeans from Ardene's

my shoes are booties from Guess, faux-leather, brown.

Neck piece from Ardene, light purple, 4 levels

Valentine sushi dinner

Guess faux- leather brown booties

Welcome!!! It is a new biggining

Welcome to my brand new blog!

So, this blog will be more up to date with all my art stuff and my fashion videos and everything art!  Fell free to share, interact, check out my videos, etc. 

I was just thinking and my other blog looks more like a personal blog and I want this to be more "professional"!

Peace & Love!!